Sellix, a global digital ecommerce platform, has been trialing Nano payments for its over 200,000+ business in the past few months and is thrilled to announce that’s its taken the payment method to an entirely new level.

Businesses that sell digital and accept payments online through Sellix can now scale with one of the world’s most sustainable and fee-free cryptocurrency Nano ($XNO).

What makes this integration monumental?

  • Digital commerce: Sell your digital products natively through Sellix without a single line of code. From courses to software to one-off donations, you’ll easily build a digital empire on
  • Multi-currency: Sellix supports 55+ of the world’s largest currencies. Enhancing economic compatibility through crypto and inter-border fiat currencies amplifies your reach.
  • Proof-of-stake: Nano uses a delegated form of proof-of-stake (dPoS) in its effort to prevent large-scale attacks on its network. Ultimately keeping your funds safe, regardless of the situation.
  • International tax reporting: Sellix’s built-in tax reporting, analytics export, and VAT features are incredibly useful for digital businesses looking to grow with crypto.

Global payments for a global business

Using Sellix Pay, businesses can:

  • Accept payments from around the world with cryptocurrencies and fiat payment processors
  • Beautifully design custom checkout embeds or grow with a complete white-labelled solution
  • Screen for fraudulent customers with our advanced fraud prevention and blacklist database, Fraud Shield
  • Easily sell digital products with a unified built-in storefront for low-code entrepreneurs

Sellix isn’t just building for the modern business. We’re building for the entrepreneurs, creators, freelancers, and developers of tomorrow. If you’re excited about our mission, and what we’re building, get started today.

Usher in a new age of sustainability

A combination of an eco-friendly cryptocurrency alongside a digital commerce platform, you’re directly shaping how we digitize and fuel a carbon-free, safe future. Nano believes that digital money shouldn’t cost money. We whole-heartedly agree.

Nano is an eco-friendly and feeless digital currency that’s making true waves in the world of money. Its protocol was developed to be globally accessible and infinitely light-weight. Nano’s mission is to unify the gap between merchants and customers through crypto.

Experience a better and cleaner payment flow with the power of Nano on Sellix. Learn more about Nano.

What is Sellix?

Sellix has built one of the world’s most powerful platforms for entrepreneurs to sell digital goods online. Our product includes everything needed to build, scale, and operate an online store. We’re here to empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

With Sellix, entrepreneurs can deliver products more effectively, connect powerful software tools and services for growth, and offer international support to customers — all within a secure environment.

  • Sell all types of digital goods and not just files. We can handle videos, serials, dynamics, services, subscriptions, and more!
  • Accept popular cryptocurrencies in minutes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Solana, and more!
  • Receive automatic alerts for chosen actions such as new edits being made to a product or a new order — you don’t have to receive thousands of emails.
  • Sellix offers integrations with Google Analytics, Crisp Chat, Discord, and much more innovative software.
  • Protect yourself from fraudulent buyers with Fraud Shield. Use data points to protect you from known fraudsters.
  • Keep operations running with guaranteed premium support within 30 minutes.

We built Sellix to bring all these features into one cohesive application that revolves around the focus for entrepreneurs. Get started for free.

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