Entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for an edge-driven leg up in today’s hyper-competitive field. We’re leveling the field for entrepreneurs of all sizes.

Sellix is here to help entrepreneurs regain control of how they sell digital, accept payments, prevent fraud, and market their business. Here’s a few key things about our newest dashboard:

Get a birds-eye view of all business analytics from first sale to final delivery. Sellix will automatically list key metrics such as revenue, visits, orders and more all when you first open your dashboard.

— Streamline product creation with a simplified, redefined sidebar editor. We’ve redesigned how businesses can create their digital product with a uniquely simple way and by decluttering what is and isn’t possible.

— Eliminate fraudulent payments. Our world-leading fraud prevention dashboard continues to scale with the introduction of sessions, advanced trails, and a distinctive shared blacklist.

If your business is already powered and built by Sellix, give a warm welcome to your new dashboard.

How we got here

Sellix’s mission is to build out the easiest way to start, grow, and manage a digital business that revolves around a dashboard that’s easily accessible, regardless of technical background. Today, we’re more than thrilled to launch our third version of the Sellix dashboard.

In 2020, we launched the first-ever version of the Sellix dashboard and grew to power thousands of businesses. Ever since then, we’ve launched tens of products and hundreds of features to our customers and the feedback has been nothing but pivotal.

All of the feedback we received from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, which continued to shape how we build and ship new features. Entrepreneurs love Sellix.

Switch to Sellix

For every new entrepreneur that switches to Sellix, you’ll unlock a month of our Pro plan for free.*

Sellix is a powerful ecommerce solution built for digital entrepreneurs which includes everything you need to create, grow, and manage an online store.

We’re all about empowering future-builders to build the next-gen landscape of digital businesses through it’s ever-growing community of entrepreneurs. On average, entrepreneurs that sell with Sellix see 195% more in customer views, and order completions. That’s how we measure our success.

If you’re an entrepreneur that would like to get started with Sellix, Register | Sellix.

*only available for the next 30 days, during our dashboard transition period, with support on the basis of reporting critical bugs. Contact our team for more information.