In 2022, we released a myriad of updates spanning thousands of code and design edits. We spent the bulk of our time rebuilding and maximizing efficiency across developer resources, business dashboards, and checkouts. We positioned our focus on customer experiences across payments, storefronts, and rich API additions.

As we ring in the new year of 2023, one focus here at Sellix remains unchanged — our obsession and commitment to powering a new generation of entrepreneurs with the strength of digital.

In our effort to define the standard for digital commerce, we've set a barrier that signifies a monumental shift throughout the industry. Alongside our continuously updated roadmap, we thought it best to introduce a quarterly roadmap update that shares what we're working on and what our customers can expect.

So, here's what we're working on for the year of entrepreneurs:

Enhancing Payment Embeds

With increasing demand comes increased attention. In line with our design enhancements across the dashboard and landing pages, we're welcoming new embeds.

This design is expected to meet the requirements of businesses across various genres and their demands.

Launch: Q1 2023

Checkout Design Upgrades

In addition to the embed redesign, we are also giving our checkout page a makeover. The new design will not only be visually appealing, but it will also help to convert more customers at the checkout phase. Plus, you'll be able to share payment links with your customers easily.

A customized checkout page that's both professional and solidifies important information on a single page helps you convert customers more efficiently.

Launch: Q1 2023

Referral System for Businesses

We are excited to introduce a new, unique dashboard for your customers. The affiliate dashboard will allow them to share product and store links with their friends, and they'll receive discounts, payouts, and more based on your configuration to improve our upselling feature set.

Refer a friend, and get paid.  You set the rules, your customers will earn exclusive rewards for referring other friends to your store. We're bundling affiliates throughout upsells, which helps onboard customers onto bundling their checkout.

The referral system will be supported through the current existing customer dashboard.

Launch: Q1 2023

Additional Gateway Fees

Customize the fees customers pay per payment method. Whether you want to pass payment processing fees off to customers or blockchain transaction costs, we've got you covered.

Launch: Q1 2023

Customer Dashboard

Understanding customer interactions is one thing, but being able to take action based on those interactions is entirely different. We're super excited to push our customer dashboard that will elevate the experiences of businesses tenfold.

This customer dashboard will welcome support to edit, terminate, update, blacklist, and so much more all within a central location.

Launch: Q1 2023

Sellix Pay

If you're at the helm of a marketplace, forum, or community, Sellix Pay is best suited for off-platform payments. Whether you're charging for private access, a monthly subscription, or a one-off payment, Sellix is a reliable partner you can count on.

For high-transaction businesses, you'll unlock a tier of Sellix with lower fees in comparison or discounted with competing platforms.

  • Marketplaces: link multiple accounts and manage payouts for sub-accounts
  • Communities: sell direct access to your community on Slack, Discord, or Telegram
  • Forums: charge for monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions
  • Custom: building something else? feel free to reach out to our team via and we'll walk you through any questions you may have

Learn more: Sellix Pay | Sellix

Quality of life improvements

  • Anti-money laundering: a top priority at Sellix headquarters is to protect the integrity of the platform from bad actors utilizing our platform to transact illegally. Businesses will also be able to view their scores via the business dashboard.
  • Discord integration updates: we've introduced support to bulk edit Discord settings as well as pushing a quick hotfix so that it's an optional feature.
  • Software licensing: automatically generate and sell license keys to customers through Sellix's powerful all-in-one platform and developer docs.
  • Payment links: for low-transaction and mobile businesses, professionalize your sales with a custom checkout link for one-time customers
  • Tax refinements: with international businesses scaling, with various tax and VAT rules, a new dashboard will help tackle those problems (Sellix does not act as an accountant)

Launch: Q1/Q2 2023

It's important to note that while we've shared plenty of seemingly awesome features, you can expect nothing short of amazing.

Wrapping up

If you've made it this far, you're a true testament to our community - and thank you. We can't wait to ship these features, along with so much more this year. Check out to get a gist of what we're working on as well.

You can use the same link above to add your thoughts on what we're working on or what we should work on.

We truly hope you're just as excited as we are about what we're focused on. We'll be sharing bits and pieces across our social channels and this very blog. See you in our next announcement.

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