How businesses can now use dynamic products not just for serials, texts and services but also for any other content type. From HTML pages to Images and PDFs.

Expanding sales beyond text and serials

The ability to sell various digital products is critical in today's fast-paced business environment. Businesses are looking for ways to offer more than just simple text and serials, from ebooks to software, and dynamic products have been the go-to solution for businesses. Still, they have been limited to selling only certain content types. That is, until now.

We are excited to announce a new era for dynamic products, which allows businesses to sell any content type, including HTML pages, images, and PDFs.

The Update

We have updated our API to support various content types, including HTML, text, JSON, XML, PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, and any application/octet type. Merchants can now edit their endpoint to reply with the correct content type, and our platform will handle the rest. This update makes it easier for businesses to sell digital products.

Improved Download Experience

In addition to the expanded content types, we have also improved the download experience for customers. Customers can easily download their purchased files, no matter the content type.

We have made the process quick and hassle-free, so businesses can rest assured that their customers will have a positive experience downloading their digital products.


In conclusion, the new era for dynamic products is an exciting development for businesses looking to sell digital products. This update expands the possibilities for merchants, making it easier to sell HTML pages, images, and PDFs, among other content types.

With improved download experiences for customers, businesses can confidently sell their digital products without worry.

We look forward to seeing how our merchants utilize this update to take their businesses to the next level.