March 1st product release announcement, with other features such as Dropdown on custom fields and minor bugs & fixes.


Our embed now comes with a full new design, which has been automatically updated for every merchant, with no changes required on the current integration.

The new design has a simplified experience for the gateway and delivery process, increasing the sale conversion for every single one of your products.


Along products, with increasing requests, groups can now be embedded in your website!

The documentation can be found on our Developers Embed Dashboard page.


Always at our Developers Embed Dashboard page you can find how to completely customize the style of our embed, from colors to the actual properties of each element.

Customizing your embed enables you to integrate it seamlessly with the style and design of your website, for a better checkout experience.

Discord integration, Subscription coupons

The discord integration is now available on all embeds, coupons for subscriptions can now be applied as well!