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Last month, we’ve made a solemn mission to align our focus on building the tools you need to rapidly scale. Today, we’re super excited to announce support for our long-awaited customer dashboard, affiliate program, and so much more directly tied to positioning your business for growth.

Now, on to some of the most popular feature drops in the digital commerce space this year:

Affiliate Program

With a large enough customer base, an affiliate program isn’t just a feature you can sideline, but a fundamental piece of being able to scale your business. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can now utilize the world’s hottest method of rapid growth.

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working with some of the largest stores built and powered by Sellix to design and construct an affiliate system that both engages customers and amplifies conversion rates across the board.

Here’s how we did it.

  • A focus on businesses: If you own a Sellix store, you’ll be able to create, edit, and customize your own affiliate program. Set a custom revenue payout for customers, seamlessly enable/disable the program for your store, and more.
  • Engaging customers: It’s time you build a method of customer acquisition through affiliate rewards that keeps them (all) coming back for more.

When you enable the affiliate program for your Sellix store, you can set a percentage (%) of the payment to be sent out to customer A that referred to customer B.

Here’s how you can get started.

Customer Dashboard

When we initially launched the first version of our customer dashboard, we received a number of feedback and suggestions that ultimately shaped our next iteration of the customer dashboard. We knew we could do better based on responses from our community of entrepreneurs and we’re happy with what we’ve built and released today.

Our newest customer dashboard directly places an emphasis on customer-business experiences. For your customers, they’ll now be able to access all of their previous orders and invoices in a single dashboard. Customers will also have access to their commissions from participation in your affiliate program.

While we’re still in the early stages of what’s possible with our customer dashboard for digital businesses, this sets the basis for what the future holds. From integrated customer support, to balance management, to review control, we believe anything is possible.

To view a live demo of the revamped customer dashboard, visit our storefront demo:

Customer Analytics

With the new Sellix customer analytics dashboard, you’ll unlock insights and analytics from total spending to total invoices, all in an effort to help you make better business decisions backed by data.

For businesses powered by Sellix Pay, a headless customer relationship experience aids your mission of directly tying an identity to a checkout or payment. Through the Sellix customer dashboard, you’ll also be able to export customer data in a .csv format.

To access your very own dashboard of customer analytics, visit the Sellix dashboard:

Gateway Fees

Customers in North America may largely favor digital payment gateways, while customers in Europe may prefer cryptocurrencies for online payments.

This means you’re no longer placing your business in a position of accepting a single payment gateway while limiting potential growth across the world. With gateway fees, you’ll now be able to impose a percent (%) or fixed ($) fee on certain payment gateways that are in or out of demand.

For instance, if 90% of your payments are linked to CashApp and 10% to Cryptocurrencies, you can grant customers checking out with crypto a specific discount or an increase to their checkout.

To enable, edit, or remove gateway fees for your business, visit the Sellix dashboard:

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Pay What You Want

We're excited to introduce updates to our secondary payment option, Pay What You Want. In an increasingly creator-driven space, donations and custom pricing dominate headwinds across industries.

With Sellix, you’ll now be able to accept one-off donations to digital products, distribute free products/assets/content to your fans and customers, and so much more. Support for the minimum price through this payment option drops to $0.00.

To enable, edit, or remove “Pay What You Want” for your products, visit the Sellix dashboard:

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Fixes & Improvements

  • Upon completion of a payment, your customer will automatically be redirected to a page where they can leave a review of their purchase. Previously, they were met with a nearly invisible field of stars, resulting in continued errors. We’ve quickly changed the design to support the default of 5 stars, in an effort to avoid potential run-off positive intention reviews.
  • Various reports realigned our attention to enhancing page rendering for custom pages. Prior to this change, pages would not properly render upon creation with custom text. We launched an improved rendering process which also supports previously created pages.
  • Are you new to Sellix or already own an established storefront? We’ve updated some parts of the dashboard to support limitations from each subscription tier.

Suggestion-led Features

Sellix engineering is doubling down on the rapid deployment of features, so we’re picking a random trending feature on our roadmap: in the next 48 hours to launch this month.

We’re thrilled to see what our next feature drop includes. If you don’t own a Sellix store, consider signing up (it’s free) at