TL;DR: Sellix assets aren’t impacted by market downturns, operations continue to flow, and we’re opening up our lifetime books to fortify trust with Sellix-powered businesses

With unprecedented market cooldowns over the past few days, we believe that a vital part of how we continue to bridge trust, safety, and transparency with Sellix businesses is the ability to share how we’re working to overcome these challenges from potential impact.

Sellix has grown to power over 200,000 businesses that sell digital products and accept crypto payments online. With immense reach, we believe that a healthy and safe commerce experience will spiral the industry to an all-time new high.

When it comes to our commitment to keeping business assets safe and free from bad actors, here’s what we’re talking about:

Enhanced stock-level protection

One of our core pillars of building a digital ecommerce platform for global businesses, of all sizes, is to ensure that products are safe, secure, and free from illicit access.

Sellix has safely stored and delivered over 230,000,000+ serials from businesses to customers. With businesses that sell license keys and high-value serials, we’ve made the decision to build additional layers of security with encryption-protected secondary databases across our AWS infrastructure.

Businesses with multi-member teams can grant or otherwise revoke access to view, edit, or delete products from their store. Going forward, we’re working on expanding more customizable access to dashboard services.

Read more about how Sellix protects your products.

Controlled payout access and near-instant blocks

With the release of balances, we knew that we had to work tirelessly to keep asset funds for users safe across time zones, partnerships, and industries.

By hosting crypto nodes in-house, balances and assets are entirely safe from any exchange collapse.

In the past quarter, we launched email notifications for payouts in our self-assigned plan of preventing bad actors from changing payout addresses to steal from businesses. We do strongly recommend businesses always secure with multiple layers of security.

Learn more about our robust multi-factor authentication system.

Account access timelines

This year, we introduced multiple account-level safety protocols to prevent abuse, even from malicious actors.

Last year, we also welcomed many other account security measures for our Business customers, including Lockdowns, Detections, Requirements, Sessions, and Trails.

Since we first launched, we rolled out support for two main account security methods: Two-factor authentication (2FA) and Multi-factor authentication (Email). This was our core belief of account protection being off-ramped will prevent compromised third-party access.

Quantifying our consistent, long-term metrics of growth

Through increasing times of digital abuse, we’ve had to consolidate resources in fighting levels of abuse–to great success–where we’re now shifting our focus to strategic growth.

We’d also like to underline key metrics that continue to scale our security apparatus here at Sellix. In addition to our commitment to keeping user assets safe, we’re also laser-focused on keeping platform integrity and safety a key part of our larger clarified mission of building the future of digital ecommerce.

Sellix has more than doubled platform-wide analytics and company financials due to increased demand.

We’re proud of what we’ve built so far and are opening up our books to further immerse our community of entrepreneurs in what Sellix has built itself to become.

$2,500,000+ payments processed per month

We’ve seen businesses on Sellix grow the number of payments they’re accepting per month with the launch of multiple new payment gateways and methods.

Our payments product has also become the fastest growing in digital-focused businesses because of our alignment on customer relationships and industry-leading feature delivery. We have an exciting tomorrow planned for Sellix Pay.

Sellix Pay is available through both our Ecommerce and Payments products. To spin up a storefront and start accepting payments, sign up to Sellix.

Processed over 5,000,000+ invoices

Even through immense downturns, customers continue to buy online and that’s thanks to businesses powered by Sellix. By processing thousands of invoices per day, we’re able to directly identify certain trends and react accordingly.

With millions of invoices being processed to this date, we’re even more excited about what the future holds for digital commerce and how our businesses are directly a part of that future.

200,000+ businesses sell online

Sellix is a powerful platform to sell digital products, and by building an experience for hundreds of thousands of businesses, it’s been able to solidify itself as a market leader across all metrics.

To that extent, it’s only transparently clear that Sellix is here to be your long-term partner. While other well-established ecommerce platforms are pulling back on their digital strategy, we’ve begun to double down on digital commerce with a roadmap that’s fueled us well into the next few years, backed by a community of thousands.

530,000,000+ products delivered, accessed, and created

Through a vast and untethered digital economy, we’re proud to be the platform that’s exclusively powering hundreds of millions of product experiences. From product creation to replaced orders, to products accessed via mobile or desktop, to product deliveries, Sellix powers it all.

30+ currencies supported

With more payment options comes grave responsibilities of tending to the needs of customers. A customer-first approach to global payments collection means leaner, more scalable revenue for businesses.

With tens of currencies now in our back belt, we’ve helped thousands of businesses grow with the power of online payments.

View a list of currencies supported.

1,500,000+ crypto transactions

The crypto economy doesn’t just stop at a couple of thousand businesses or a couple of million transactions. In our effort of simplifying the customer checkout flow, we’ve witnessed payments jump 175% month-over-month¹. With the number of transactions slated to grow, we’re on track to launch a new checkout design that’s designed to expand checkout metrics and customer trust.

¹ Based on data collected by internal teams over the past year

2,000,000+ webhook requests

As a part of our picture of enabling digital businesses to grow with crypto, we worked to build one of the world’s easiest ways to introduce customers to accepting crypto online. This meant reiterating our developer documentation multiple times to onboarding support engineers to work with customers on the strategic implementation of Sellix Pay.

With millions of requests being sent and received, our investment so far has paid off and this only pushes our team to continue building out an even fine-tuned crypto playground for developers.

Interested? Learn more about the Sellix developer docs.

4,800,000+ fraudulent activity screened

With the continued growth of digital commerce, the problem of fraud is greater than many would think. Businesses lose valuable customer growth, lifetime value of products, trust between partners, and their relationship with their processors.

When we built Sellix, we understood that the industry was rife with fraudulent activity, and was our driving force of ultimately building Fraud Shield. From user agents, device fingerprints, IP addresses, previous payments, global blacklists, and third-party intelligence, Fraud Shield has become one of the most robust tools to prevent fraudulent sales for digital businesses.

We spoke with a number of businesses that utilized Fraud Shield at scale, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. To that extent, we’ve continuously been building on top of Fraud Shield with a full-stack approach.

A billion plus reasons to persist

  • 1.08B requests processed in the past 30 days
  • 7.78TB transferred in the past 30 days
  • 4.69M page views
  • 3.17M visits
  • 36.13M API requests
  • 845.51M threats

These statistics only strengthen our resolve of building a platform for digital entrepreneurs, business, and communities. A critical step is identifying how we’re growing, where we believe that the trend you see above is only going to rise in the next few quarters.

Since our founding, we’ve relentlessly been focused on improving digital experiences by building a product that was powerful enough to yield the results we’ve shared today. We’ve democratized the ability to build an online-only business for digital entrepreneurs.

The past few months have been a wild time for us, but we’re still just getting started.

Features for an evolving community of business

With hundreds of features on our roadmap and our internal scale-up of engineers/product teams, we’re now on track to push the most popular feature recommendations from our customers incredibly soon.

Here’s some detailed info on what we’re cooking up:

Crypto on/off ramp — Sellix was built on the idea that crypto can improve relations between digital businesses and customers. We’re working on embracing that further by enabling Sellix-powered businesses to accept payments in fiat and get paid out in crypto.

Software licensing — We know the complexity behind building and scaling software access through first-party delivery. We’re working on uplifting developers to register software activation keys by hostname through our API and the ability to keep track of key expiration.

Affiliate dashboard — Build your customer base into your own personal marketers. With Sellix, we’re making it infinitely easier for anyone to set up an affiliate program to attract new customers and receive rewards. This was high on our internal roadmap, and we’re even more pleased to hear that interest within businesses has skyrocketed by bringing this public.

Multi-language support — We understand that a large part of running an online business is to be global, or hyper-targeted towards a certain customer base. We’re working to implement support for language through i18n along with crowd-sourced translations across our platform.

Interested in shaping our products? Track, vote, and respond to more than 99+ features on our roadmap page.

We’re super confident in all of our goals and will stop at nothing short of success for the hundreds of thousands of businesses that trust Sellix every single passing minute. This is Sellix.

Follow @SellixEcommerce on Twitter. Join our community on Discord and speak with our team.

For a limited time only, new Sellix businesses get access to special platform pricing plans. Sellix is reimagining how digital businesses are built. Interested in leveraging the power of digital ecommerce by selling online? Sign up today.

– Daniele Servadei, CEO