How we have managed to reduce blockchain transaction fees by ~80% on all EVM-based cryptocurrencies, and why it matters for your business.


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Paragraph 1 ⇁ Sellix Managed Crypto System
Paragraph 2 ⇁ Payout fees reduced - the numbers
Paragraph 3 ⇁ Why it matters

Sellix Managed Crypto System

Since its creation, we have always had our proprietary cryptosystem, challenging the biggest names in the market, such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and other exchanges.

We kept integrating new cryptocurrencies and improving our logic to handle customers' edge cases and improve the overall experience that merchants and customers had.

Recently, we have released many updates, such as an automatic Swap feature and announced a Crypto Onramp solution to allow customers to pay with credit cards and receive cryptos (

We will soon implement new cryptos, such as Cardano and Polygon, whilst opening the way for third-party merchants to integrate their coins for their community (if you're interested, get in touch with our sales team at

Payout fees reduced

From now on, transaction fees for Ethereum, Tron, Binance Coin, USDT and USDC will be lower than ever.

We have brought down ETH payout fees from $3,00 to $0,65, USDT payout fees from $5,00 to $1,50, USDC payout fees to $1,80 and TRON/BNB to less than $0,25.

Why it matters

The average fee Sellix takes out of its merchant ecosystem is $0,89.
Again, multiple invoices will be grouped into a single payout, let's suppose five on average for each Shop, which brings the total to $4,45.

Transaction fees are not amounts we take and earn, as they're used to fund our decentralized Smart Contracts; however, they are still amounts you will not receive after making sales.

Saving up to $3,50 on every payout is massive to all the merchants using our platform, enabling future savings of up to 80%, depending on their situation.

The Future

We're always on the lookout to improve our managed crypto solution. If you'd like to learn more and participate in our community, join our discord server!