Introducing: Customized store themes, API enhancements, and Discord integrations!

New updates and platform improvements from the Sellix team.
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Themes for your growing digital business

Carefully designing your store to how you and your customers see fit has always been one of the most requests we’ve seen from businesses on Sellix. We’re extremely proud to launch support for themes, but also a fully integrated theme editor for both coders and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about this here.

While our current support for themes is limited, you’ll soon be able to buy themes from other talented developers in our community of thousands.

Check out the first theme that’s available for all businesses on Sellix for free:

Theme: Guarino
Type: Digital Goods & Services
Release date: 02-12-2022
First release version: v43
Demo store:
Download zip:
Report issues:

Please note that Sellix is not responsible for the maintenance and/or upkeep of this free theme. It is your responsibility to ensure that the theme is functioning properly and otherwise is up to your standards. Sellix also does not provide any level of support for the customization of this theme.

An engineer-first focus on commerce

We’re pleased to roll out updates to our API for developers to seamlessly create, read, edit, and delete groups, update invoices, and issue replacements without having to interact with the Sellix dashboard.

Alongside our strong developer focal point, we’re always looking to expand what developers can do to interact with our API. To all developers out there, you’re more than welcome to share what you’d like to see here:

Fueling commerce through Discord

We’re trialing a BETA experience for communities and servers based on Discord to sell access to certain roles and direct access to servers.

This will enable Discord-based businesses to easily accept payments from members within their communities. Here’s what makes our Discord integration the best cross-platform:

— Grant access to the role after the purchase
— Invite a user to the server after purchase
— Authenticate user through Discord
… with so much more to come!

We hope this new feature will help fuel commerce and foster an even stronger connection with Discord-based businesses.

Various improvements & bug fixes

Sellix engineers have been working hand-in-hand with businesses of all sizes to fix and reiterate previous pushes to improve the overall platform experience.

What’s next?

Remember that we’re building the future of digital ecommerce for every digital entrepreneur. If there’s anything you’d like to see in future feature drops just let us know. You can vote or add your own suggestions to our public roadmap page here.