In the pipeline: Discord OAuth, custom email domains, manual order processing, and more!

A month of development, a month of releases. This month, we’re planning some amazing updates and we believed the best way for sellers to keep selling is to keep them in the loop. This is the first edition of our roadmap vision.

Discord-based authentication 🔒

With a growing need within our community to support native 3rd party integrations, we’re planning to launch support for Discord OAuth. This means you’ll now be able to sell access to your Discord community right in your Sellix dashboard.

Awesome right? That’s not all. We’ll automatically role your customers in addition to adding them to your server.

Now that’s how you grow a community from building your business. Only on Sellix.

It’s your brand, not ours 🎨

Ever since we first launched, we wanted to push for customization never seen on any platform before. We’re on track to doing exactly so. You’ll soon be able to send out emails via your own custom domain (ex. instead of a sending domain.

In addition to custom email domains, we’re also going to support custom logos on these emails. If you haven’t yet added a professional logo to your business, the best time is now.

Back to the basics ↩️

We know the difficulties behind requesting support to process invoices when the payment was sent but never confirmed. We know that this takes valuable time away from you building your business to taking care of a single customer.

We’re sorry it took this long.

Today, we’re more than pleased to announce that the ability to manually process orders for all businesses is now in full swing. On both the dashboard and API, you’ll be able to directly process orders without the need for Sellix Support.

Do note, that in some circumstances, we may restrict the ability for customers to leave a review (to prevent abuse of this system).

Not one, not two, but three 🚀

A recurring suggestion & idea that’s been floating around at Sellix for the past year was variants. The ability to set up multiple different price points, and deliver different stock to customers under a single product.

We’re on fire, and you’ll soon see the ability to set up variants within your product dashboard. If you’re interested in joining our testing group, let us know on our Discord server.

Actually, how much do I pay? 🤔

That’s right. Sellix is set to launch support for pay-what-you-want products this month for digital businesses.

If you’re not sure how much you should or want to charge, use pay-what-you-want to collect valuable data on what your customers believe the value of your products is.

Various improvements and bug fixes

— Fixed dark mode and charts on the mobile app
— Fixed a minor frontend issue when leaving an empty review
— Fixed a small issue with default images not saving
— Fixed a search problem with product categories
— Improved design of PayPal button during checkout
— Improved email delivery stability with our delivery partner
— Improved page load for Crisp live chat on storefronts
— Added the ability to sort images on the product dashboard

& much much more!

A bright future

If you’re excited about what we’re building, this is just the beginning. We have plenty more in the pipeline for September, and this is just the start of what we can share. To get a bigger picture of what we’re releasing and what we’re working on, check out our roadmap here.