When we introduced our address re-usability system last year for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash payments, we saw a rise in businesses utilizing Sellix as their own wallet.

We spoke with businesses and floated the idea of optimizing their experience even further. A few weeks later, we’re welcoming our revamped crypto payouts flow.

Sell. Store. Spend.

Before Balances, businesses would have to reach a certain threshold to receive their payout. This not only exhausted our support resources, but ultimately left the business in a state of disarray. Nobody wants their payout withheld because they never reached a minimum.

We believe that launching Balances will help both small entrepreneurs and large businesses receive their payouts without any complexity.

Balances will be sent out Daily, Weekly, or Monthly depending on your payout schedule. Payouts are processed at 00:00 UTC per day for daily, on Sunday for weekly, and at the end of the month for monthly.

Check out Balances in your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most pressing questions, answered. If you’re looking for support with your payout, contact us at support@sellix.io

Can I request a manual payout?
Yes. In order to request a manual payout, set the method to “Manual” in your crypto payout settings here. Once it’s been set, go back to your Balances dashboard and withdraw the cryptocurrency.

When do I receive my payout?
By default, we send out balance payouts daily at 00:00 UTC. You are able to change the frequency of these payouts here.

Why did you change it from threshold to balance?
Having more control over your payouts allow you to ultimately grow as an entrepreneur. We’re building the software and we’re letting you do what you do best.

Have an idea, feature suggestion, or see something that can be improved? Let us know in our Discord server.