When we launched Sellix out of BETA back in May 2020, we launched with a mission — a mission to build the future of digital ecommerce — and roughly two years later, we’ve been able to construct a powerful platform that allows anyone, anywhere to spin up their own digital business without a single line of code.

Have we built that future yet?

From payments to fraud prevention to customization to hosting to feedback, and tickets, we wanted to build out the entire experience of a business that’s interested in selling digital products online. All with small steps to provide a quantum leap for businesses and their customers.

We believe we’re on our way to accomplishing that mission. In an effort to bridge the gap with customers determining to sell on Sellix, we’re publishing a late but welcomed year in review.

Welcome to the first-ever Sellix Recap.

Sellix Payments

Sellix Pay has been one of the main features for our driving force of growth. Since January of 2021, we’ve been able to process over $32,000,000 in payments connected to over 1,700,000 orders from over 15,000 businesses.

We also saw over 150,000 new businesses join the Sellix platform with the creation of their own storefront. We look forward to releasing more and more features to our payments platform.

What were the most popular non-crypto payment methods?

  • $10,000,000+ with PayPal
  • $5,200,000+ with Credit/Debit Cards (through our processing partner, Stripe)
  • $2,000,000+ with CashApp
  • $400,000+ with PayDash
  • $85,000+ with PerfectMoney
  • $100 with Skrill

If you’re interested in accepting payments online with Sellix’s powerful payments system, visit us at Sellix — The future of digital ecommerce.

Sellix Pay is also available for developers directly through our API, check it out at Sellix Developers: Build, transform, and power your business


Ever since our inception, we’ve focused on continuously developing our crypto payments infrastructure where we could introduce new cryptos, features, and payout structures without any hardship.

In comparison with other ecommerce platforms that rely on 3rd party services for crypto payments, we’ve been able to stand out by developing the entire infrastructure from the ground up ourselves.

What were the most popular crypto payment methods?

  • $8,500,000+ in Bitcoin
  • $3,600,000+ in Litecoin
  • $2,000,000+ in Ethereum
  • $300,000+ in Solana
  • $135,000+ in Bitcoin Cash
  • $95,000+ in Monero
  • $4,500+ in Nano

Sellix hosts and manages every blockchain and cryptocurrency node that is available to merchants. We have 8 (eight) blockchains hosted on dedicated servers through our partner, AWS, along with any and all additional instances to control wallets and clients.

Read more about this in our cryptocurrencies whitepaper.

An overwhelming majority of our businesses used the United States Dollar (USD) as their currency of choice. In response, their customers loved it.

That is precisely why we work day and night to support the currencies our merchants require. Today, Sellix supports 33 of the largest international currencies.

Learn more about the currencies Sellix supports at What are the supported currencies? | Sellix Help Center

Businesses on Sellix are able to set their own custom value for our fraud prevention software, Fraud Shield. The average maximum detection score set up by businesses was 85.

Check out how to utilize our next-gen fraud prevention system for your digital business at Optimize your fraud shield settings | Sellix Help Center

Sellix Ecommerce

In addition to processing payments, we saw an enormous jump in the number of businesses using our ecommerce platform. With Sellix, you can create a shop, upload a product, and get paid out without any complexity.

Let’s take a closer look into the products that were created in the past year:

  • 121,000+ were license keys/serials
  • 95,000+ were on-demand custom services
  • 52,000+ were software/files/digital downloads
  • 7,500+ were developer dynamic
  • 4,000+ information product types.

On February 22nd, 2022, we launched a new product type — Subscriptions. As of writing, over 800+ subscription-based products were created.

If you’re still here, we’re sure you love data as much as we do. 195,000+ products were uploaded with an image (check out Guidelines for images in your Sellix shop | Sellix Help Center) and 87,000+ were uploaded without an image.

Products with an image roughly sold 324% more than a product without an image. We call that the “image-effect”.

Of the almost 279,500+ products created in the past year, 15,000+ are currently unlisted, 6,300+ are private, and 5,400+ have been placed on hold.

Products that were unlisted usually are called through our API for embeds on custom sites. Private products saw a rise due to sellers no longer interested in selling a certain product. Products on hold were from sellers who were taking a break & looking to come back better than ever.

That’s amazing.

Businesses all over Sellix soared when we introduced our warranty system. With digital products, the lines are blurred on whether or not you received the product in the shape or way you wanted it.

32 days was the average warranty time for when customers could request a refund or product replacement — no questions asked. We applauded our digital businesses for having a lenient warranty time.

These statistics only reinforce our vision on building the most versatile platform for digital ecommerce.

Starting your own business and to sell digital products with Sellix is simple, check out Sellix Ecommerce: Sell digital goods with ease | Sellix for more information.

Business Operations

We launched two new business operations tools that helped businesses on Sellix analyze their traffic, ad spend, and provide optimal support to their customers.

The result? Greater than we expected.

Over 1,000+ businesses linked their own Crisp chat system to provide support to customers — alongside our ticketing system.

2,500+ businesses connected Google Analytics to their storefront to gain vital traffic information — alongside our traditional analytics system.

Businesses powered by Sellix collectively saw over 100,000+ individual new customer support tickets opened via our ticketing system. We also tracked over 90,000+ new reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

In 2022, we’re going to be building more tools to efficiently optimize business operations on Sellix. This includes the ability to upload images, send replacements, and more directly within the ticketing system.

We look forward to launching support for more third-party tools in the future. Join our community on discord at Sellix (discord.com) to view our roadmap.

Over 27,000+ products were configured with a custom field.

Custom fields allow businesses to get more info from customers. This includes, but is not limited to, where they came from, a verification code, or something simple as their phone number.

This year, we doubled down with custom fields and introduced multiple field types such as Numbers, Text, Hidden, Large Textbox, and Checkboxes.

Start selling your own digital products with custom fields in minutes with Sellix: Sellix — The future of digital ecommerce.

Top Features Shipped

In 2022, we urgently released our most anticipated features, these were our store-specific shopping cart, in-depth reports, crypto payout management, storefront customization, and custom terms of service.

Shopping Cart — requiring a bit of magic on our end, we had to unify multiple different product serials, their stock level, price, and ultimately its delivery method. Over $3.5M+ worth of payments has been processed since we’ve launched our shopping cart. We believe it has been an incredible success thus far.

Reports — with a vision to make tax reporting and viewing shop analytics simple, we launched the ability to download reports of every product you sold and the revenue you generated within a certain period. This helped over 1,500+ businesses get ready in time for tax season. This year, we’re taking it to the next level with even more support for shop reports. Stay tuned.

Payouts — when we were processing almost $15M+ in crypto payments for the past year, we’ve had to introduce new ways to manage payouts. These were Scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly), Manual, and Threshold. Introducing these payout structures helped businesses get paid out when they want, how they want, and how much they want.

Customization — whether you purchase a template or want to build your own, Sellix’s advanced customization features allows developers and businesses to customize their customers’ experience. These changes reflect on their custom domain and on the managed platform (ShopName.sellix.io).

Terms — over 23,500+ businesses have created their own custom terms of service. Each business saw their own custom terms tab, alongside a custom product terms modal pop-up for customers. This ultimately helps keep dispute rates down, support requests down, and customer satisfaction up.

Customer & Business Support

When building an ecommerce platform, it’s normal to receive support requests from buyers. When we publicized our support channels, we did not expect overwhelming requests of support from buyers.

We saw over 40,000+ customers/buyers contact Sellix Support regarding an issue with their order. We were unable to assist them, and as a result, we proceeded to direct them to the business.

This presented an opportunity for us which we plan to tap into later this year. More on this when the time comes.

Over 10,000+ businesses contacted our support team regarding an issue with their experience/dashboard. Our average response time for these requests was 2 hours for our premium businesses on our SLA.

We were able to onboard a new customer experience director to lead our efforts. Our support operations welcomed almost 100+ new articles to our help centre which were viewed by almost 250,000+ visitors.

Community Developers

In 2021, we opened up our community development channel in our discord server.

We saw over 2,000+ chats about our developer API and implementation of Sellix payments. Our engineering team continues to pioneer by being there when our community needs us the most.

Read our developers API here: Sellix Developers: Build, transform, and power your business.

Have a WooCommerce project in mind and would like to leverage Sellix’s powerful payments infrastructure for crypto, and more? Easily set it up through our developer-supported guide here: https://github.com/Sellix/woocommerce

Sellix developers, meet WHMCS! Utilize our popular payment methods, gateways, and advanced fraud prevention directly with our developer-supported guide for it here: https://github.com/Sellix/whmcs

SDKs for Developers:

Onward for 2022

In 2021, we released another public roadmap that we worked to accomplish by the end of the year. One year later, we’ve been able to launch every single feature we promised on that roadmap.

Despite the many challenges we all faced, and continue to face, we’ve already begun 2022 with a bang. Here’s a quick glance at some product features we’re working on:

  • Pre-orders (a simple, but effective way to collect payments on products before they are delivered)
  • Collections (in other words, variations. easily bundle multiple products under a single product to provide different price points for customers)
  • Theme builder (we’re working on simplifying our customization tools with drag and drop features. oh, and expect to see some amazing themes)
  • Email marketing tools (send out product announcements, stock alerts, and feedback updates, directly to customers)
  • Collabs (automatically send a certain % of a payment or payout to your partners through Sellix)
  • 🤔📱❓

Follow @SellixEcommerce on Twitter. Join our community on Discord and speak with our team.

A Message From Our CEO

From around the world, we’ve been able to turn ordinary gamers and editors into future-builders, creators into entrepreneurs, and helping regular people generate cash online without any complexity.

With what we’ve shared today, it only strengthens our resolve into making a platform that’s simple to use, advanced for the pros, and power millions of businesses.

The digital ecommerce space is bright, and as we continue to grow and build up our infrastructure — it’s evident that our growth trajectory will only go up.

I can’t wait to see where Sellix is in the next few years. Because when I say this, I want you to trust me: we’re building the future of digital ecommerce.

See you next year.

— Daniele Servadei, Chief Executive Officer @ Sellix

Last week we released our first annual security report and going forward, we hope to merge both reports together into an annual recap.

Read more: Charging Forward: Sellix’s First Annual Security Report | by Sellix | Feb 2022 | Medium

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