At Sellix, our vision is to help strengthen entrepreneurs selling digital products online. When over 300,000+ entrepreneurs are building, scaling, and managing their business on Sellix, it’s incredibly important that there’s a team to help.

We were able to identify, as a platform, what the major and minor pain points of our customers were. We believe that this is going to be one of our single biggest investment into our support operations ever at Sellix.

Our philosophy is that support can be a force for good, and we believe it will help us stand out from competitors. When our competitors take upwards of days to respond, we want to make it a mission to respond in minutes at best.

But before we reach that status, we realized we still have more work to do. Here’s what we’re doing in this complete refresh of our customer support team and operations:

Self-serve built for speed

In an effort to optimize support across the board, we’ve completely reorganized and decluttered our help center. Customers will notice new and more in-depth articles that will thoroughly bring true meaning to self-serve.

Within the coming weeks, customers will also notice a complete facelift of our help center. This facelift will include revamped categorization, hot topics from our support channels and general FAQs. We want self-serve to be your first point of support, so you can get the support you require without having to contact our team.

In addition to text-based options via self-serve, we’ll also be pouring resources into video support so customers can get detailed support without reading. Did you just say that’s awesome? We think so too. Also, we understand that each potential ticket opened by a customer should be handled through a case-by-case basis. The question now is how are we going to focus on the request of one instead of all?

Onboarding more support staff

For the past month, we’ve been rigorously hiring new support team members from around the world. The result? A 5x increase in our support team and a 250% rise in first response. We onboarded these members onto our general, engineering, and risk operation support teams.

The digital ecommerce space evolves incredibly fast, and we want our support team to also evolve with that growth. This means supporting new technologies, support flows, and general operations.

We’ve been able to clear our backlog of tickets across our multiple support channels these past few days as well. The culture for how our support team handles each ticket and operates in their capacity has been set with our new internal standard.

Introducing more members to our support is one thing, but emerging as a pioneer in customer support for digital ecommerce is also another thing.

Support at a competitive edge

When you’re building a business, it’s expected to receive support whenever something goes wrong. We agree. That’s why we’re focused on a new commitment: providing you with round-the-clock customer support.

We want your support experience with our team to be as clear as possible, with minimal delays. That’s why we’ve streamlined and simplified our support into four options:

At Sellix, we use internal support plans and first response rules. Here’s what our customers can expect in regard to first response:

  • Customers: expect first response within a 12–24 hour window
  • Free: expect first response within a 8–12 hour window
  • Pro: expect first response within a 4–6 hour window
  • Business: expect first response within a 30–60 minute window

First response is the first point of contact you’d receive from our customer support team or your dedicated account manager.

There’s also a very clear-cut way we can work on to decrease the demand of businesses contacting Sellix support. That’s through continuously battle-testing every feature possible, even when it’s not a feature in demand.

Improving our product

Our engineering team always love to build new things, and when we continue to release more features, we quickly tend to ignore or overlook previous features. That changes with a new pivot to a clear internal development roadmap, based on what our community and customers wants to see. Earlier this week we shipped a completely new Sellix dashboard experience for businesses. Some reported whiplash, to a great extent.

With our simplified dashboard, businesses have reported upwards of 10x growth in operational workflow. This means businesses no longer have to go through a complex and jumbled dashboard. We’re also now turning our attention to ensuring that our products exceed the requirements of business powered by Sellix. That’s our guarantee.

Built for the future

As we continue to build out features from our roadmap, we want to optimize our customer support team for the future, at any cost. We now utilize thorough reporting metrics, priority levels, and various new internal support plans to handle what’s to come.

When we hired our first customer experience lead, we set out to not only set the standard for new support team members, but for our existing team. This will mark the beginning of an experience like none other for our customers.

There’s nothing we can’t handle, and there’s nothing more we’d like to do but help you reach a million dollars. We’re standing by and ready to serve you.

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Onwards for what’s to come

We built Sellix for you and we welcome feedback from all walks of like. There is no right or wrong answer to a suggestion. Feedback is how we continue to grow, so feel free to join our community discord and post your suggestion in #suggestions.

You shouldn’t just take our word that we’ll follow through with this commitment. We want you to check back within 90 days to rate the experience you once had, to what you have then. We promise we’ll blow your expectations.

Until then, keep on building and selling with Sellix.