Introducing: multiple images, YouTube links, tax reporting, new cryptocurrency and more!

We’ve been remarkably silent these past few weeks and that’s because we were (and still are) in hyper-development mode. This meant fewer announcements to steer our attention to building, breaking, and fixing anything we come across. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for our #0001 changelog.

Product details on a new level

One of our most popular requests has been the ability to add multiple images to a product. We’re pleased to launch multiple images and YouTube links.

If you’re selling custom services, adding multiple images to your products will help bring a sense of clarity to your customers. If you’re selling software, adding a live demo of your software with a YouTube video can be the make-or-break it deal for customers.

To add multiple images or a YouTube video link to your products, simply tap “Edit” on the product in the products section of your business dashboard, then click “images” and you’re set!

Save on taxes, wherever you are

Even though tax season is over for most, we thought it’d be useful to introduce support for more advanced tax reporting for the upcoming tax season. It’s always important to pay your taxes on time.

In addition to our traditional reports, our customers will now have the ability to download reports through CSV or PDF formats.

You can group these reports up by specific countries, the European Union, or every country. This will generate reports for a single invoice or every processed invoice within the selected period.

To download reports in either CSV or PDF format, head over to the reports section in your business dashboard.

If you’re not aware, you can also set up a global VAT percentage tax on your storefront. This will be added to the total costs your customer needs to pay and will help out tremendously when paying taxes.

You can add your own VAT tax to your storefront here. These taxes will be clearly identified in payment invoices.

New crypto payment method

As a crypto-focused ecommerce platform, we’ve made it a mission to regularly update our cryptocurrency offerings and support for Cronos (CRO) at a 5% processing fee. Payouts for Cronos (CRO) will continue to be paid out with your payout schedule.

To enable Cronos (CRO) as a crypto payment method for your storefront, head over to the payments settings in your business dashboard and add your Cronos (CRO) address.

Discover anything digital

Inspired by the monumental shift in the world of digital ecommerce, we are today welcoming a whole new way to discover, buy, and sell digital products. Say hello to the Sellix Marketplace.

Sellix is the platform that’s been making it dead simple for entrepreneurs to sell their digital products with ease. Our core mission has always been just that, and we believe we’re only adding value to that mission.

To visit the Sellix Marketplace, just search or tap on the “Discover” link on the navigation/header of the landing page.

Marketplace Terms of Service
Marketplace Submission Guidelines
Marketplace General Conditions

Improvements and fixes

— Added new 404 errors to embeds
 — Fixed a minor bug when removing multiple images
 — Fixed a small UI glitch when selecting modal in reports section
 — Improved flow for completing application to marketplace
 — Added a new advanced option for payments settings
 — Modernized font weight across our dashboards
 — Fixed various minor UI issues
 — Removed minor developer docs typo

Shifting ahead?

Remember that we’re building the future of digital ecommerce for you, our customers. If there’s anything you’d like to see in our upcoming changelog update, just let us know. You can vote or add your own suggestions to our public roadmap page here.

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