Introducing: Fees slashed in half for resellers, Hourly payouts for Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB), and more.

Advancing Payments for Entrepreneurs

Resellers don’t have a platform that’s built for them or caters to their unique business model. We know that because we’ve all been there ourselves.

Sellix is proud to introduce our Resellers Package. This package not only includes us mounting a custom plan for your up-and-coming business, but reducing our current fees by up to 50% as well.

If you’re a reseller and are limited by minor margins, we want to work with you on building your business on Sellix. Get in touch with us here. 💼

Cryptocurrency Payouts (BNB/ETH)

Today, we’re sunsetting our aging payouts infrastructure to leverage and further advance our current balances platform for the foreseeable future.

Key developments:

  • Fees are drastically reduced by up to 99.97% per payout, guaranteeing that you get paid what you earned.
  • Manual interventions to enable these updates are not required. We’ve rolled this out to businesses across Sellix.
  • We’ll notify businesses again once we release new currencies over the upcoming few days.

For many businesses, it’s incredibly difficult to attest that accepting Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) payments would be viable for your business.

We’re changing that.

Our traditional payouts system paid these cryptocurrencies per individual payment. Going forward, these payouts will be grouped together and sent out hourly. It’s time you get your payout when, and how you want. 💰


We’re in the initial stages of testing USD Coin (USDC) with select businesses. If you’re a part of the fortunate few and come across any bugs, please report them so we can deploy a hotfix. 🧿

What’s next?

Remember that we’re building the future of digital ecommerce for you, our customers. If there’s anything you’d like to see in any special feature drops just let us know. You can vote or add your own suggestions to our public roadmap page here.