Embed performance, custom domain setup, and dashboard enhancements!

We've been hard at work for the past two weeks in launching quality-of-life updates for businesses on Sellix. In this month's product update, we're announcing updates across the entire Sellix dashboard.

You can expect a roll-out of several major product releases as we continue into the month, so stay tuned for what have in store.

From optimizing the end-to-end checkout performance for product embeds to onboarding custom domains with Sellix to enhancements across the business dashboard, let's get started.

Embed Performance Updates

If you're selling products on your own site, the experience your customer goes through for checkout can either convert or drop that sale.

By reducing friction with more information on the initial product embed load and reducing load speed by a whopping 83%, businesses can optimize their custom product pages and start taking advantage of Sellix's powerful ecommerce platform.

You can use product embeds to deliver products to your customers with your own website and take advantage of multiple avenues of growth.

To get started with product embeds, visit the Sellix dashboard: https://dashboard.sellix.io/developer/embed.

Custom Domain Setup

When you purchase a custom domain and attempt to connect it to Sellix, you previously were met with a jargon of information to add to your domain registrar.

This resulted in unnecessary clutter for your engineers and a bloated experience for activating your domain.

Today, we're sunsetting our previous connection model in favor of a new, sleek, and easy-to-use domain setup process. It now only takes a few minutes to get your domain connected to Sellix.

To connect a new domain to Sellix with our updated flow, visit the Sellix dashboard: https://dashboard.sellix.io/customization/domains.

Dashboard Enhancements

We've heard from each and every single business about some of the improvements they want to see when selling on Sellix, and we're more than happy to bring those visions to life.

Among others, we brought advanced tables that support a plethora of filters, empty states, and data exports.

Check out some of these updates across the Sellix dashboard: dashboard.sellix.io.

P.S. We also updated some colors for our dark mode. 😎

Wrapping Up

If you've made it this far, you're a true testament to our community - and thank you. We can't wait to continue shipping a selection of other products and features this month. Check out roadmap.sellix.io to get a gist of what we're working on.

You can use the same link above to add your thoughts on what we're working on or what we should work on.

Build your business with Sellix.