In our mission to build the world’s software to sell digitally, we’ve made a promise to businesses of all shapes and sizes to focus on their reach and customer base. We’re more than excited to improve the customer experience with improvements wherever possible.

Alongside our international payments, currencies, and customization, we’re now taking another quantum step to consolidating customer direction with multi-lang.

We’ve just launched Sellix Ecommerce for international customers based around the world in 10 languages: Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

If your business is powered by Sellix with an interest to serve international customers in their home tongue, consider updating your theme to 0.1.1 here Customization Themes | Sellix.

Multi-language storefront demo: Explore Daniele's shop

While some parts of the storefront may still be in English, please note that it's temporary and we’re working hard to enhance those experiences for both customers and businesses.

If you're interested in scaling languages on Sellix, consider translating with a community of hundreds here: Community members that translate a minimum of 1,000 words will get 3 months of our Pro plans.

Various improvements & bug fixes

Sellix engineers have been working hand-in-hand with businesses of all sizes to fix and reiterate previous pushes to improve the overall platform experience.

What’s next?

Remember that we’re building the future of digital ecommerce for every digital entrepreneur.

If there’s anything you’d like to see in future feature drops just let us know. You can vote or add your own suggestions to our public roadmap page here.